Thursday, May 13, 2010

Humbled, and gearing up.

So it's days before the walk-a-thon, and while 3 miles isn't a long walk (per'se), it is one of the first times I will have done so with such a purpose. I'm really looking forward to walking it with my daughter.

As for the amount raised I tried to move with a time-specified logic. 30 days, 300 dollars, 30 people. If each person had donated approximately ten bucks, we'd be there.

As for the outcome: we raised 15% more. Yep, more.

It's hard raising money, it's equally difficult to ask. The economy, though improving, isn't one where we are yet wasting, spending on silly things (like my boaboa tea fetish of years past), but people are, on average paring down. Trying to save. Working with less.

But that we were able to raise more, speaks to a lot of things, namely the desire by so many people in my circle to talk about things, particularly mental illness, without the restraint and sting of stigma... is such a powerful and gorgeous, and awe-inspiring thing.

So again, to folks reading this who contributed (and if you are reading this, then you ARE contributing) thank you.

NOW, lets see if baby-big-girl-walking-partner will aquiese to riding in the stroller and not in my arms.

Not for the whole walk, anyway.

It's showtime!