Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I been blogging (in my head) for months.

So, like others I kinda like blogs. You know, I like the idea of my own, I love certain others, specifically my friend Claire's gluten free blog (kind of delish) and a woman I don't know personally has an awesome blog about relationships and being a single mama (she's decently fierce). But I like mine too. And I'm pretty close to mine, perhaps too close.

Everyday is an opportunity to share (blah, blah, blah) and I have, its likely we all have, in a variety of forums. Like, just yesterday I was blogging to my homegirl about how just this weekend: I was pulled over for the first time and could feel my legs quivering as the officer wrote me a warning. I think it best I didn't tell him I was in a hurry to purchase Easter clothes on sale. I was blogging when I got my finger stuck in a ring still attached to a box in said Easter clothes store, and while my pulsing index finger is sadly not a 7, it is now mobile and flexing proudly as I type this blog... for the first time, outside of my head.

So, where am I going with this: I've not blogged, as in printing it out, as in on my site for a while, and I'm on some level reaching out to the blog gods as if to say, quite biwinningly: FU and I'm back.

More soon. Oh, and yes, Mummi still makes hats.