Saturday, April 30, 2011

Epi-Bio. Or maybe thats a typo.

Maybe I meant epic bio.


i was sitting on my back porch today. Half-(a smaller half) attempting to work. Letting some sun-shine in. I watched my daughter (a very two, two year old) run, on her very new legs happily through the grass. I had Internet access. My phone takes awesome pics. My blankets were warm, within inches from me. I had a full belly.

I realize I was/am blessed.

You see how far you've come, climbed or carried, on days like this. It felt good to smile and not question, and so I did that too. It felt good not to have to remind myself to do so.

And I mean.. I realize I have an anchor, I'm writing a blog about caretaking, and schizophrenia, and moms, and other stuff, and I realize those things involve hardship, and tiredness, and are soul-cracking and other things too.

But here is the other side: I'm ok. My family is ok. Today was wonderful.

Things can feel good. And they do.

And... well perhaps that isn't epic enough of a biographical sketch... but its mine, today.