Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Status Update; I know who or how I am. #perhaps.

A blog aint a place to revise your status, or your e-bio, but it is today. Cause I'm feeling down. Cause I'm feeling in betwixt places. Because well... because.

I like to think of myself as accomplished, if moderately so. You're entitled to think otherwise, but it won't matter much. This here is mine, my otherwise.

And so, otherwisingly so, I am: a Simmons/Lesley/Tufts woman. An educated micro-economic-maximizer. A failed spend-thrift. An easily agitated-yes man. I have big legs and a wide smile. My forehead is without wrinkles (yet). I frown often and hold uncompromising grudges. I smile sheepishly. I am intermittent. I work less to change that than I did when I was young enough to agenda set my growth.

I like to think of myself as: a writer. An emotional and emotive logician. A love-hating lover.

Mostly cause (that latter at least), I knew love former and fleeting, semi-permanent and pushy. I've known love lazy. Indulgent. Too curious and intense for its own good.

I've known angry love too. He was a hard one, him. I've known love gentle/nervous. He was a hard one, him.

I've both known and shared mother-love. It's hard, harder, hardest sometimes. Like now. Right-very-much-now.

But I can say in the end I knew love.
And so that makes it easier, demandingly difficult and necessary to be love.

(perhaps) I say whisperingly.


And there really ain't much left to report besides that.